Dubernia Bales P.E.Dubernia Bales P.E.

Mr. Bales has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of New Mexico. Mr. Bales has over fourteen years of increasing responsibility as a project manager in the field of civil engineering with experience concentrated in the areas of land development, hydraulics, hydrology, transportation, and roadway design.

Mr. Bales has worked across the entire United States from California to Florida. He has prepared construction documents and designs for local municipalities, as well as state and federal agencies. Prior to founding Zone Engineering Inc. Mr. Bales worked as a project manager and director of civil engineering design for national engineering firms gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience. Mr. Bales is a dedicated licensed professional engineer in Nevada, Arizona and Florida. 

As the founder and CEO of Zone Engineering Inc. Mr. Bales is responsible for the day in and day out operation as well as the logistical and strategic planning of the firm. Mr. Bales also takes an aggressive and active role in each and every project design.